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only extrememly cool people like me are on aol at 3:30 am. i seriously can not go to sleep... i hate this- i'm up all damn night with nothing to do... pretty pathetic huh? haha i know. well pat didn't call me *sigh* uhh.. not that he even likes me anyways... blah omg, totally hilarious thing happened today. i'm on the phone w/ naughty (as usual) and we call umm lets just call him *dirt* hahaha well natasha acted like a guy and he totally believed her it was maddddddddd funny... i guess that was the highlight of my day. well this heat sucks majorly, but today i got to lay out for a little while so thats good. i'm tryin to keep up the tan yanno? well folks thats all to talk about today.. catch ya lataaa

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