brandyyy (badasss) wrote,

can we say "insomniac"

ok kids, its 3:45 and still no sign of drowsiness.. stay up all night & sleep all day- thats my life... i know i know, u must envy me but hahaha riight. well i met this wicked hott kid online today, but he lives in floridaaa- which really sucks becaus he seems madd cool. but there's my life for ya: meet someone ya really like and never be able to see 'em. hah blah blah blah... aahh i'm just countin down the days. only 9 mo' days till mv! woohoo! ugh god my grandparents are coming tomorrow.. i have to entertain them for an hour. should be fun! what the hell am i gonna do.. like sing and dance for them? haha not a bad idea actually... hah that would be a spectacle! bRrR it suddenly just got coldddd... ohhhhhhhh i think i love you!! haha i'm too cool for words... god u can seriously tell i need some sleep. but its kinda interesting reading what i wrote when my brain is like asleep.. i laugh about it tha next day. i think i'm gonna clean or do something constructive with my time instead of writing in this... lataaa kids
<3 ya lotzzz
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