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even when i'm surrounded by people.. i still feel alone

ah, well the last few days i've been feeling so alone.. not to mention depressed. everytime my parents or one of my friends asks me to go out to eat or the mall or the beach or something i just can't seem to make myself go. it doesn't really make me happy the way it used to. i know now that my life has no true meaning, i'm just wandering around aimlessly. i don't want that- i want to bring fulfillment into my life... i just don't know how to do that right now. everything is soo hard when it comes to guys, i try and i try, but i think i've given my all to them & i just can't do it anymore... i don't want to live for anyone else except me.. haha or maybe i'm just PMS'ing and i'm letting my emotions control me.. who knows. well i'm out lataaaa

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