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why do people do the things they do..?

aahhh! things have gotten soo confusing. my friend amanda always has an excuse as to why i can't stay with her.. i mean if she doesn't want me to why can't she just say so? i'm a big girl, i'll live. i just want to know instead of always being left dangling thinking *maybe next time*.. i know you're probably reading this and that's okay. i just don't understand all of this.. please feel free to explain to me how you or your parents feel.. cuz i know it can't just be a coincidence that evertime i ask to stay with you.. you think you might be doing something. anyways, i'm so depressed- my mom won't let me go to marlboro unless i stay with amanda & amanda doesn't want me to stay with her.. the guys i like won't return the same feelings and it's really frustrating, i don't even know why i bother. no matter how hard i try i'm always the one that gets hurt in the end- i'm soo sick of this shittttt.. ahh! i mean christ i would beat up some chick for amanda.. and she doesn't even like me anymore- i guess i don't even know what the hell is going on in my life right now.. well i'm off, i'm gonna try and figure this shit out.. lataaaa
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