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i can't take it anymore...

ahh jesus.. i seriously like hate the way i act sometimes, i look back at the things i've done and i just get soo sick.. i make myself soo sick sometimes. i know its not good to regret anything and that i should just get over it, but i can't. i just hate my personality-i wish i could be more confident, i mean i know i've got a lot to offer people but i just don't believe it sometimes...i wish i could be the kind of girl who could always just say how she felt & be honest with guys and what not... i think people respect people like that, i know i do. i don't think i'll ever be oike that though..

anyways... i really like this kid mike, he's madd cool and he's pretty cute. eh's def not like other guys i like though. its so wierd cuz i really feel like i can be myself with him & like if i had a relationship with him that it would be the first real one i've ever had.. with other guys its about looks or social status, but its different with him. i hope things go good because as much as having friends in your life is good, you need a guy around sometimes... he can just make you feel good =) haha well i'm off peacee
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OMG in your next entry put exhausted as your mood..THE THING IS SOOO CUTE!!!