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ahhh god, i want to know if he feels the same way, even though he probably doesn't... i just want to know. this is driving me crazzzzyyy. i really like the fn kid and i'm determined to get him to like me too, i don't give a shit what i have to do...

anywaysss... i went to the mall with my mom yesterday. i got some boots & this skirt -its awesome!! hahaa.. i like haven't been eating that much and i walk like 2 miles a day, yet i'm not getting any skinnier.. it pisses me off..

i had this really incredible dream last night, and i woke up all happy. but in the middle of the day i got all depressed because i realized it was JUST A DREAM. i'm such an idiot sometimes, i swear. k well thats all for now.... .. PeACe&LOvEe<33
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