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aahh!! i talked to mike last night<333 he called me at like midnight, my parents were a little pissed, but oh well.. anywayzz.. he wants me to go to his house today & chill with him and some of his friends. i don't think i'm gonna go though, i'm gonna feel akward being like the only one there who doesn't know everyone. but i might go, just so i can see *him* aahh! i'm soo happy riight now.. i mean everything in my life is balanced right now. i'll have some really bad days, but sometimes they'll be really good! yeah well i make no sense...

ugh, i miss natashaaa.. i want to go down there this weekend but no one will fucking take me. it just seems like i've been so busy & i can't find time for the people who are important.. but i will find time, soon i hope.

well i'm gonna go get ready, i'll write if i end up going tonight.. pEaCEee
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