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HeLLLLLLL yeAHHHhhh baAaBBBbyy!!

hahaa i'm TOO COOL! anyways, i haven't really written in a while. on tuesday i went to desiree's house and we had a "party" it was aiiiight... mike asked me out that night too =) hahaa so now we're "together".. yeahh so last night i went to his house w/ amanda, it was pretty cool- except for the fact we didn't know ANYONE... there were all these cool kids there. but i didn't care i still got to see himmmm. its soo wierd having a boyfriend again i'm soo used to flirting with everyone, but not like i'm gonna stop. whats wrong with a little harmless flirting here and there? hmmm.. well on saturday i'm goin to this college party and mike's coming over on monday.. i have noo clue what we're gonna do.. MY HOUSE IS VERY COOL!! yeahhh.. well if i think of anything else i'll write.

oNe <3
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