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yaya soo yesterday i got my navel repierced, finally!! its soo wierd but like i missed it sooo much after it fell out.. like everytime i would see someone else with one or like want to wear a short shirt i'd be like aaahhh whyyyy?!?! but i know I'M VERY COOL like that haha... anywayzzz- i didn't go to school on friday, i was "sick". yaaa sooo today i am hopefully going shopping, i need new clothes soo baad. well not really but yeahhh.. oh yeahh and have you ever like seen anyone and they just have something about them? its not that they're the most attractive person ever but somethin about them just like makes an impression on you... well there's this kid at school and he's really not my type and i've never even really talked to him but i can't stop thinking about him and i dont' know whyyy... its craaaazzzyyy!!~weeelll... i guess i'll stop rambling on about nothing ahha -peace-
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